This page describes some of my book projects.
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"Nisei Soldier: Tad Ogawa"
Sgt. Ogawa's WWII photo album of over 300 items is the most comprehensive photo story of an American citizen, educated in Japan, drafted into the U.S. army, served as an M.I.S. translator, visited his family in relocation camp, saved U.S. surrender propaganda and pressed flowers from Kiska.
Proceeds of this book support his widow and decendents.

"Uncle Captain - His Life, His Lessons"
The quiet influence of Northern California's early Japanese Salvation Army Captain Masuo Kitaji.

"How Do You Burp a Fish?"
perspectives on qwerks of nature in every day life.

"What's in Your Shoebox?"
Consider Assessing Your Life from the Memoirs Collected in a Shoebox. What items would you include? And, why?

"Illustrated Vocabulary We Can Understand!"
playful illustrated multi-lingual dictionary of common action words.

"And There I Was...: Retelling Stories from Yet Another Perspective"
A guide to creating metaphors for creating specific states.

"Wisdom from Under Four Feet"
young people I've known and the lessons they taught.

"The Inspiration of Francisco Santana"
proceeds of this will go to a scholarship fund for his children, Stephen and Emily.

"Quick 'N' Easy Lessons"
integrated curriculum in literary analysis, governement, reading, science

"S.I.N.S.: Science Is Not Scary -- integrating curriculum through Science in a bilingual classroom"
Creating high interest lessons that tie reading, social studies, language arts, math and physical education together with science while overcoming fear of science and meeting instructional minutes.

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