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Dean Yon, D.C.
A comprehensive approach to improving physical, mental and emotional wellness empowering people of all ages to make educated choices and action regarding their own health.

Understanding that each individual is unique, our approach is to listen, identify causes contributing to one's present situation, and provide pro-active recommendations and treatment which empower our patients and clients to make educated choices and decisions regarding their own health.

Laura Domínguez-Yon

Dean Yon, D.C.
Wholistic Chiropractic

Laura Domínguez-Yon, 
Master Results Coach,
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Laura Domínguez-Yon, 
Gabriele Eckert, Hypervoyager
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Products & services we use, groups with which we are associated: (links open in separate windows)

Himalayan Goji Juice -- Have you ever seen a really old doctor? NO? Ever heard the stories of Tibetan people who live hundreds of years? Sure you have. Now find the unique formula behind the legends. Himalayan Goji® Juice. Natures best keep secret! First time ever in U.S. Find out MORE! Call 408-314-7185 or go to http://laurady.freelife.com, Member # 4296450.

Juice Plus+ -- Vine-ripened whole fruits & vegetable in concentrated form. See the research, listen to the experts.

Children's Nutritional Research -- An ongoing study of children who get more daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Ask how a child (ages 5-15) can get Juice Plus+ free

Camp Millionaire! -- Elisabeth Donati, founder of Creative Wealth International, indeed offers "the most effective, most engaging, most entertaining financial literacy curriculum on the planet." Enroll yourself. Enroll your family members. Sign up to become a trainer. Your only regret will be to delay.

HyperVoyager -- Gabriele Eckert trains you to use the Core Quantum Method (CQM) for energetic corrections, and trains in Remote Viewing (RV). This is where to go when you want to learn how to do it yourself! She's studied with the Masters of many disciplines. She's a professional trainer. She has a 100% success rate! Her graduates are applying CQM to business, relationships, personal well being!

Laughter Yoga -- laugh just for the health of it; join the world wide movement of improving health, relieving stress, defeating depression without telling jokes or having a sense of humor! Certified Laughter Yoga coach.

Financial Frontier -- Clinton Swaine's Financial Frontier are world class experiential games to teach powerful business concepts and how you show up in the context of a fun educational way to learn business without taking financial or legal risks: "Play To Win", "Business Basics", "Business Empire", "Sales Explosion", "Dynamic Impact" are current offerings that provide insights and strategies for building your business as no other program can offer. Please mention you were referred by Laura Domínguez-Yon

Christopher Howard: Academy of Wealth & Achievement  is focused on researching and teaching the most advanced mindset, strategies and skills that produce real world results for its students in the acceleration of wealth and personal achievement.

Young Living Essential -- Therapeutic quality distilled Essential Oils, Blends of oils, chemical-free personal care products. Member #519534.

Gravity Probe B: an experiment in the theory of relativity. Launched in April, 2004, after 50 years of research and development. See the ongoing data from space as well as the process and purpose. GPS is one of the byproducts of this research project.

T-Tapp Exercise "Workout that Works", avoid injury, improve efficiency, strength building for previously injured; developed by exercise physiologist Theresa Tapp.

A Contra Dance Page -- what it is, where to find it, an American tradition begun in the colonies and actively found throughout each of the 50 states. "It's like low-impact aerobics or 'square-dancing on speed' ."